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Ambassador Program | Preciosa Bracelets | Earn Money Online | Affiliates



GET $10 when you create your account!

Work from home, make social media your main source of income by doing what you already do, sharing your experiences.

Our Ambassador program is one of the most competitive you're going to find in the market.


We encourage ambassadors and content creators as much as possible because we understand that when you do what you love, you do it better.

How Much You Can Earn As An Ambassador

See the vast benefits you get for being an ambassador of Preciosa Bracelets

Get Paid By Just Creating The Account

Get $10 credited to your account once your account is active.

Uncapped Income

We don't believe that being too big is a bad thing. As a Preciosa ambassador, you get the chance to earn unlimited income.

Share, Don't Work. We Do It All

You already post every day on social media; you may even be looking at ways of increasing your income. You don't have to worry about production, website costs, utilities, or shipping as an ambassador.

Keep sharing, increase your reach and see your account grow each month.

Highly Competitive Payouts

On average, our commission fluctuates between 10-15%. Highly influential ambassadors can see an increase in their percentage by up to 20% when surpassing normal engagement thresholds.

We have a policy where you will never earn less than 10% per product sold.

Bonus Per Milestone

Each month your account goes into a new cycle; If you surpass the 100 items sold milestone, you get an extra $100 from us!

Earn With Every Product

It doesn't matter which product your referral buys; you get to earn your commission regardless.

Offer Discounts & Get Discounts

You get a permanent discount code to buy at our store as an ambassador. You can offer the same code to your followers to encourage them to buy through your ambassador referral link.

The Bigger, The Better, The Faster You Earn

By selling more than 150 items from our shop for five consecutive months, you get to be a platinum ambassador. This gives you certain boosts and bonuses; please go to the link below and read the terms & conditions details.

You show commitment, and we grant you secret rewards to keep going.

Set Up Your Account In Under 3 Minutes

When creating your account, make sure to fill at least one social media profile.

Learn the details, and understand your Ambassador program Terms & Conditions Policy.

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