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  • When will my tracking number be provided?
    After purchase, we ask for a 2 day processing time. The tracking number will be provided within those 2 days.
  • Where do you ship products?
    We deliver to any part within any part of the main island in the United States, Puerto Rico & Spain. We do not support shipping to Alaska & Hawaii just yet.
  • I had a problem with my bracelet, what should I do?
    Talk to support, helps us determine if you want to get a replacement or refund. To receive the refund option, you need to send your bracelet back to us within 30 days after purchase in mint condition. After we receive the product, you refund will be issued. If you wish to get a replacement you also need to send back your product, let us know which product you wish to receive of equal or lesser value and we'll send it. You don't have to worry about shipping payment. Any products you pick that have less value, you will get a special credit via coupon code. You need to redeem the code within 1year before it expires.
  • Your bracelet doesn't fit me, can I still order?
    Yes. When you see your bracelet on the product page. You have a special box to let us know which size your hand is. Your bracelet will be adjustable. To measure your hand, you will need a tape measure. Close your hand in a fist and put your tape around it. That's the size we need to be aware of to be able and create bracelet you can fit through your hand.
  • What's the commission for being an ambassador?
    • The base commission is 10%. • Depending on the season or other factors we go up to 15% for limited times. • Ambassadors that sell more than 250 products for fives months, and keeps meeting the quota receives 20% per product.
  • Do ambassadors receive free products to start?
    When you create your ambassador account, you have 30 days to purchase from our website and you will receive full credit for one product in your account. If you decide to buy more than one product, the selected product will be the one with the lowest pricing.
  • How & when do ambassadors get paid?
    Ambassadors at the moment get paid via PayPal on the 1st of each month. Your account need to reach the threshold of $60 before we can send your first payment.
  • What is a W9? When Do I Need To Provide This?
    When your account reaches $300. In order to keep earning profits you will need to provide a filled W9. You will need to provide this documentation if you wish to keep earning for our platform. If you don't provide this information, you will be able to keep selling, your account will keep earning profits, but you won't get paid until this document is provided. We suggest to provide the W9 when you start your account. See A video of what's a W9 form See a video from the Irs here Fill the form with he IRS W9 form
  • What happens if a customers uses my coupon code instead of my referral code?
    If your customers only uses the coupon, you still get credit for the sale and earn your commission.
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