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Preciosa Bracelets Story

Hello, I'm Yenitza Villegas, the founder of Preciosa Bracelets. Here I will give you the short but interesting story behind my brand. My goal is to inspire confidence in the world by connecting with individuals trying to build a future.

Preciosa is the testimony I will share with you. Let this be a beacon of light to all small business owners.

Info Preciosa Bracelets

The Beginning Of A Beautiful Journey

Living in a small shell within the world's walls, I knew that I needed to find my passion for succeeding in life. I've never had a business before, and never have I even considered the life of an entrepreneur.

As life when on, I realized I needed to give more to this place we call earth, I needed to grow from where I was to where I wanted to be.

That's why in time, I started to explore my thoughts and what kind of journey I wanted for my life. The need to grow was there, but the experience and the knowledge even to do it didn't exist.

I didn't have the habits of an entrepreneur, but I had grit. I was hungry to improve myself, be better, and achieve better things.

As I started to explore hundreds of possibilities, one day, I came across something powerful that might seem obvious when you asked, but daily, almost nobody executes. I realized I loved to do crafts.

Something so simple, do what you love, yet we ignore it because we want to follow the journey the world tells us is right. I could hear many opinions, and I was the one dealing with the consequence.

During my journey, I understood that I needed to take action, and I decided to dedicate my life to what I loved to do; regardless if I succeeded, my goal was to be happy. That's how Preciosa Bracelets was born; I decided to pass the world the love I feel when making handmade bracelets, creating something from my own two hands.


On July 2021, I officially started my brand, and it has been a long journey to where I am now.  Welcome to Preciosa Bracelets.

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