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Diamond Handmade Nylon Macrame Bracelet | Preciosa Bracelets | Gray Colored

Show-Stopping Style


As you slip the exquisitely handcrafted bracelet onto your wrist, you feel a subtle shift in the air that will make you feel like the diva you are.


Our Diamond handmade bracelet is sure to have everybody envious of your impeccable sense of style. Its eye-catching design and feel are sure to draw envy and admiration from all around you. The shimmering colors of plum, pine and gray options create a mesmerizing look that accentuates every outfit. Its centered design, like a diamond, adds an elegant and sophisticated touch that will draw envy from all around you. It’s more than a fashion accessory – it’s an expression of style and a unique personality. More importantly, this bracelet can be adjusted to fit any wrist size thanks to its unique adjustable diameter of between 14 cm and 24 cm.


Here's Why You'll Love This:

✓ Sense of Style: The handmade Diamond Macrame Bracelet exudes style and sophistication. Its unique design sets you apart from the crowd, making a stunning fashion statement wherever you go.


✓ Elegance: With its shimmering colors and diamond-like shape, this bracelet radiates elegance with every move you make. You'll never have to worry about feeling out of place with this timeless piece of jewelry.


✓ Feels Soft: Not only is the Diamond Macrame Bracelet visually stunning, it is also incredibly comfortable to wear. The nylon thread and Silver .925 charm blend together to make this bracelet feel featherlight and soft to the touch.


✓ Beauty: This stunning bracelet is an ode to beauty. Crafted with love, its perfect balance of colors, materials and shapes will make you irresistible wherever you go.


✓ Made To Last: A perfect blend of fashion and durability, this bracelet is built to last using high-quality materials. It comes with an adjustable size setting, making it suitable for any wrist size, making sure it will stay as beautiful for many years to come. 


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$35.00 Regular Price
$16.94Sale Price
  • Our bracelet is completely adjustable, with a minimum diameter of 14 cm and a maximum of 24 cm. Please make sure your hand can fit through the maximum diameter before buying.

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