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Be Unique: Unravel the Perfect Knot


At first glance, the beauty of this Pretty handmade Macrame Bracelet is unmistakable. Its unique macrame knotwork is intricately woven together, while the highest quality seals ensure that it stands the test of time, a timeless heirloom of beauty. Let this handmade bracelet sway with you as you enter through a sun-soaked room, its light-colored contrast adding subdued vibrancy to your warmest colors. With its adjustable design, fit it to your own wrists for a perfect fit to flatter your own unique style. Plus, this handmade women’s bracelet, crafted with wax thread and a silver .925 charm, is an alluring accessory for your wardrobe, ensuring that you will always feel beautiful. Unravel the perfect knot. Experience unparalleled luxury with our handmade bracelet and give your style the upgrade it deserves.


Here's Why You'll Love This Piece Of Jewelry: 


✓ Unmistakable Style: With its unique design and light-contrast color, this handmade bracelet will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 


✓ Authentic Quality: Thanks to its high-quality seals, you can rely on the long-standing quality of this product. 


✓ Adjustable Size: No need to worry about size, as the bracelet is completely adjustable to fit you perfectly. 


✓ Luxurious Material: Made with wax thread and a silver .925 charm, this bracelet is sure to add a luxurious touch to any look. 


✓ Functional and Beautiful: Not only is this bracelet beautiful, but its beautiful light blue or Aqua color option will make sure it makes you appear glamorous.


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$35.00 Regular Price
$16.94Sale Price
  • Our bracelet is completely adjustable, with a minimum diameter of 14 cm and a maximum of 24 cm. Please make sure your hand can fit through the maximum diameter before buying.

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