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Sweet heart Bracelet Macrame Style For Preciosa Bracelet Shop | Caramel Color

The Only Jewelry Designed To Speak To Your Heart


As you walk through the bustling streets of the city, all eyes are drawn to something sparkling on your wrist. Peering closer, they are captivated by a delicate handmade macrame bracelet crafted with loving attention to detail from soft nylon thread.


A stunning heart design woven in lies at the center, framed by three silver beads that give this piece a touch of luxurious glamour. This Sweetheart Macrame Bracelet is more than just a statement piece. Its incredible craftsmanship, it's an attitude, it's a lifestyle. As you drape the bracelet elegantly around your wrists and feel its softness against your hands, you will instantly be enraptured by its beauty and grace. Get everybody to envy you with a sense of style that emphasizes your personality and distinction. Plus, it comes in olive, caramel, white, and light blue color options to give match any attire you have.

Get more reasons to love our Sweetheart bracelet below.


✓ Get Everybody to Envy You: Nothing speaks sophistication and style like the Sweetheart Macrame Bracelet. With its exquisite heart design and three silver beads that delicately meet in the middle, everyone will envy you for your breathtaking sense of style.


✓ Feels Soft to the Hands: Crafted from the highest quality Nylon thread, this bracelet is soft and gentle to the touch, ensuring ultimate comfort and luxury. 


✓ Handmade With Style & Beauty: Crafted with skill and precision from the finest quality Nylon thread and featuring a delicate .925 silver charm, this Sweetheart Macrame Bracelet will have you feeling like the belle of the ball.


✓ Fully Adjustable: This enchanting bracelet is fully adjustable, with a minimum diameter of 14 cm and a maximum of 24 cm, making it the perfect accessory to suit every fashionista.


✓ Perfect Gift Idea: The Sweetheart Macrame Bracelet is the perfect gift for any special occasion. Surprise your loved one with this meaningful token of admiration and show them just how much you care.


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SKU: 0000000012
$35.00 Regular Price
$16.94Sale Price
  • Our bracelet is completely adjustable, with a minimum diameter of 14cm and a maximum of 24 cm. Please make sure your hand can fit through the maximum diameter before buying.

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