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10 Macrame Plant Hangers You Should See Today

Hello macrame lovers! Today I gathered a selection of some good-looking macrame plant hangers I could find on Etsy. Surely if you're looking at this blog it's because you understand the beauty & complexity that involves getting macrame products done.

Getting to decorate your home at some point seems tedious because you kind of run out of ideas from time to time; that's I put up this list.

Even if you have never seen macrame before, I hope you get inspired by this list because your home will surely look even more beautiful.

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Now back to the list.

1) Indoor Shower Plant Hanger From Eucalyptus Blooms

Have you ever considered having a plant in your shower? well, you might change your mind about this one. It looks beautiful, and it gives an extra touch.

Indoor Shower Plant Hanger From Eucalyptus Blooms | Preciosa Bracelets Blog

Store stars: 4-1/2

Etsy Store: EucalyptusBlooms

According to the store Eucalyptus Blooms, this fancy plant releases a unique aroma when you shower with hot water due to the steam that comes out.

To hang this plant on your shower, you must place the self-adhesive hook, which comes included when you buy with the owner at Etsy.

The plants come in different sizes, so you have to pick which plant hanger works best for you. Here they are:

Regular: 4 stems approximately 14-16" in length

Large: 8+ stems approximately 16-18" in length (main picture)

X-Large: 15-20 stems 20-22" in length

Now, to be fair, you won't see much of a macrame style in here, except that they use a macrame thread to wrap the plant around the adhesive hook, but since this is a beautiful plant hanger, and they do use macrame materials, it fits the list.

Etsy Store Owner Name: Matthew Brown

2) Indoor Boho Macrame Plant Hanger From Rainble Land

Why settle with one style when you can get two? Let your house brighten up a little more & breathe some peace into your life.

Indoor Boho Macrame Plant Hanger From Rainble Land | Preciosa Bracelets Blog

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: RainbleLand

Rainble Land offers a pack of two plant hangers, but you have to pick up your preferred style. I would get in touch with the store owner regarding the size of the pots because that was inconclusive in their description, but this store has a full 5-star review and more than 2,000 sales, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

This pure cotton macrame plant hanger has a dimension of 31" long from top to bottom, and it can fit a pot up to 9" tall. It is premium-grade cotton, so expect quality materials from the store.

As you see, this plant offers a modern yet minimalistic boho look. It features a stylish macrame pattern that will make your indoors look beautiful but won't get saturated with excessive decor.

This makes the perfect gift for friends & family members alike because giving something handmade always has a special touch & care.

Etsy Store Owner Name: Raymond

3) Macrame Plant Hanger By Shop Mira

At the moment of writing, Shop Mira is a store handpicked by Etsy's editors. They have a variety of colors you can select for your plant hanger.

Macrame Plant Hanger By Shop Mira | Preciosa Bracelets Blog

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: ShopMira

If you wanted a choice of color for your plant hanger, this store most likely has it. Shop Mira displays this beautiful macrame plant hanger with more than 20 different color choices so you can bring the best look to your home.

This plant hanger is crafted within the US, and according to Mira, it will be shipped within the same day it's made, so most likely, they do them by order, usually a one-day waiting period according to the description on Etsy.

Dimension-wise, this macrame plant hanger has a Length from top to bottom of 30", and a Width of 6". As you see you will need to put it up with a nail on the wall, so just watch out for electrics in your house!

Etsy Store Owner Name: Myra

4) Macrame Style Leave Hanger By Handiwork Wall Decor

They might not be natural plants, but you can't deny the creativity and how beautiful this hanger looks on the wall. Macrame is just beautiful.

Macrame Style Leave Hanger By Handiwork Wall Decor | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 4-1/2

Etsy Store: HandiworkWallDecor

Make your home feel cozy; this unique style of decoration has white & green leaves made out of macrame ropes. The wooden dowel will be a unique piece given to each customer.

This boho-like style is excellent for small wall decorations since it's lightweight, and you can quickly move it anytime you'd like. Be mindful that you need to keep your macrame plants indoors unless you like them wet on a rainy day.

Etsy Store Owner Name: Displayed as business name

5) Boho Pant Hanger By Tanglewood Co Me

Tanglewood features this plant hanger with a pure 100% cotton cord. Macrame plant hangers are always beautiful, and Tanglewood did an outstanding job creating something unique to their style.

Boho Pant Hanger By Tanglewood Co Me | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: TanglewoodCoMe

This is one of the best sellers that Tanglewood has at the moment, the store has over 600 sales and It ships its products from Portland, ME. At the moment of writing, This Etsy store doesn't accept returns of this product, but with a perfect 5-star review and many happy customers, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Etsy Store Owner Name: Amanda Griffin

Get Your Own DIY Kit To Make A Macrame Plant Hanger

Let's stop for a second because I found something you may like even more:

To make your plant hanger!

Some of us prefer to learn and know how to do stuff rather than buy it, crafters at heart, am I right?

we still have a couple of plant hangers to go, just in case you want to keep looking for options, but I wanted to show you this DIY macrame plant hanger kit because I came across it, and I thought you would love it!

Get Your Own DIY Kit To Make A Macrame Plant Hanger  | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: UrbanKangaroo

Urban Kangaroo has taken the extra step of helping people understand how to make their macrame plant hanger; from the materials to step-to-step instructions included in the bundle, this store thought of everything for you.

Scissors will be the only thing you need to get yourself because I'm guessing they can't ship those kinds of tools.

By the description, you will get a video to teach how to make the hangers, and best of all, they claim to process a replacement kit or refund if you're not completely satisfied with the process!

So if you like adventures, this DIY kit is perfect for you. There is a particular joy when you make your products, so start with this do-it-yourself macrame plant hanger!

Etsy Store Owner Name: Erica

Now, let's get back to the last products on the list.

6) PLant Hanger Within A Wooden Frame By Built With My BareHands

This wooden frame is perfect if you wish to have a more modern look that doesn't seem space-consuming.

Be warned, though, this one doesn't have almost any macrame involved. It made the list because not only do you find it when you search for macrame plant hangers, but It can complement your boho style at home.

PLant Hanger Within A Wooden Frame By Built With My BareHands  | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

This adaptable framed hanging planter looks wonderful in any space. Hang it on the wall or place it by the window. Refresh a living space, bathroom, or kitchen.

Any little plant, including succulents and air plants, can be grown in these planters. Choose from oak, beech, pine, or bamboo frames to complement your interior design.

Planters constructed of polymer clay provide a solid finish after curing. Adjust the leather to the desired length to customize the appearance of your floating garden.

Saying all that, this store has sold more than 3,000 products, has more than 500 reviews & is a 5-star store that sells a wide variety of products.

They do accept returns & exchanges also, so they are a good choice for trying out their product.

Etsy Store Owner Name: Josiah Cope

7) A Lovely White Plant Holder By Smith Stock

A Lovely White Plant Holder By Smith Stock  | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: Smithstock

These hanging planters are ideal for use both inside and outside. The store advises to use the 8" pots

Five rope plant hangers and hooks are included with the hanging planter. There are 5 ropes, but there are 6 places where hanging plant pots can be placed.

Note: Only the holder and hooks are included; the hanging plant and pot are not.

The hue of indoor plant hangers is off-white, natural ivory rope.

From left to right, the approximate measurements of the rope plant hanger are 120cm, 100cm, 100cm, 100cm, and 100cm. Indoor hanging planters range in height from 39 to 47 inches.

These hanging plants are ideal for house plant décor, patio decor, workplace decor, bedrooms, and boho hanging planters.

Store Owner Name: Displayed as business name

8) Boho Pant Holder By Candy Home

Pick a style; macrame never goes out of fashion.

Boho Pant Holder By Candy Home | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: CandyHomeVN

With its charming bohemian style, this lovely Macrame Plant Hanger is ideal as a Plant Holder, Macrame Plant Hanger, and Hanging Planter Indoor & Outdoor. This makes an excellent plant lover gift. Any garden lover will also appreciate this type of decor.

Candy Home VN makes it easy to fall in love with the macrame boho style. This lovely store features a 5-star seller and keeps everybody happy with a constant 5-star review.

These Macrame Plant Hangers are made by hand using an eco-friendly cotton cord.

Etsy Store Owner: Trang

9) The Floating Shelf Plant Holder By Sona Home

Ge ta different look, get out of your comfort zone with a unique macrame plant holder presented by Sona Home.

The Floating Shelf Plant Holder By Sona Home  | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: SonaHome

This cleverly created boho-chic macrame hanging wall planter is a space-saving addition that would look great in any living area, including a living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

This entertaining floating shelf may be decorated to match any current interior design aesthetic. It is made with 100% organic cotton rope and 100% genuine, environmentally friendly, and stunning dark mango wood for the tray.

You can hang it up practically any place in your house and use it to exhibit little cactus plants, portraits, collectibles, and other items.

You can also use it as an organizer for storage to free up real shelf space. Each piece is individually handcrafted and takes hours to finish using the ancient rope knotting technique known as Macrame.

The dark polished wood has a raw, natural beauty that is elegant in any setting. It is also lovely to look at. It may be hung practically anywhere or even outside your home to exhibit your favorite miniature plants, artwork, collectibles, and more while freeing up actual shelf space. This plant hanging shelf is a gorgeous, vintage-inspired, yet practical piece.

Store Owner Name: Sarah-Jane McQuaid

10) Triple Plant Hanger By Melisa Dekor

Last but not least, here we have a plant hanger that is quite notorious. It features a complete set of 3 plant hangers that will make sure to get noticed by whoever comes & see your decoration.

Triple Plant Hanger By Melisa Dekor  | Preciosa Bracelets Blogs

Store Stars: 5

Etsy Store: MelisaDekor

This product ships from turkey, the store currently doesn't offer exchanges or returns, but like the previous stores, they have a high grade of 5 stars and more than 200 sales in their pocket, making them a trustworthy store.

This triple macrame plant hanger has the following dimensions:

Width 50cm (20 in) x height 80 (32in)cm.

The flowerpot in the picture is about 15 cm (6 in). Suitable for pots with a diameter of 10 to 20 cm (4-8 in).

Since this product is handmade, the dimensions may differ by 3-4 cm (1-2 in). So please be aware of that when you shop for the item.

Esty Store Owner: Natalia

That's all

I hope you like this list I put out for you, macrame is something that Preciosa Bracelets focuses on, and our mission is to be the center of it all.

Don't forget to share this blog or visit our website to explore our products.

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