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Terms & Conditions

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Customer Notice

When you buy your bracelets with Preciosa Bracelets we want you to have a pleasant experience. Please read about our processes to better understand how we work and what requirements you should consider when shopping with Preciosa Bracelets.


Shipping & Processing

Once payment is received, your item will be processed for shipping within 3 to 5 business days.

We include free shipping to most of the United States territory, except Alaska & Hawaii. No other countries have free shipping available at this moment.

We don't ship items on special holidays, weekends or after 3 pm. To comply with our return policy, no item ships before your 8hrs after payment has been made. 

Processing time applies for holidays but not for weekends. This means that even if you order during the weekend, it still counts toward your processing time, but it doesn't count on holidays. You would have to wait an extra day if the item was ordered one day before the holiday.

Publishing, Content & Digital Assets

The content provided by Preciosa Bracelets on our website and social networks belongs to Preciosa Bracelets. Under no circumstances, unless you have received written authorization from our team may you use the content for personal use or promotions.

If you buy our bracelets to sell wholesale you are authorized to use our content as long as you do not use photos that contain the Preciosa logo, at the same time you must distinguish your promotions, offers and/or content to your followers from Preciosa Bracelets.

Cost & Coupons

Preciosa Bracelets will have the option to cancel any active coupons and promotions at its discretion. Products may vary in cost without prior notice. You cannot use several coupons to make a purchase, each coupon must be redeemed on its own.

Email Marketing

Preciosa Bracelets will not offer you advertising unless you have decided to subscribe to our promotions section. If you decide to receive promotions by Preciosa Bracelets you can exit the program at any time. However, Preciosa Bracelets will send you an invitation email to the promotions program when you make a purchase, this email is sent automatically and you can optionally accept the invitation.

Brand Use

You're allowed to promote our brand on your social media platforms. If you wish to sell our products, we suggest for you to create an ambassador account, you also have the option to contact us directly for bulk orders.

You are free to resell our products if you wish to do so, but please make sure to respect the brand identity and always promote on legal platforms where is recognized as a generally morally acceptable environment.

Legal action will be taken if we understand that your using our brand to exploit or harm any individual or community.

Terms & Conditions Policy Updates

Preciosa bracelets may at any time update its policy. If you have any questions regarding this section, you can contact our email



• Any product purchased will get an immediate cash refund if solicited within four 8hrs after payment.

• If you received an item with a defect, send proof of the image to receive a full refund via credit at our website.


You will also get a 15% off coupon on your next purchase. You have up to 5 days after confirmed delivery to issue a store credit for defective items.

If you have a defective item upon delivery, please fill out the defective item form.

Payment Method On Our Website

You can make purchases at Preciosa Bracelets by Pay pal or debit or credit card. We are not responsible for payments issued to our system, however, you can contact us at to request a refund if the payment has not been processed within four hours.


Accounts (Ambassadors)

Ambassadors can be revoked immediately from their benefits without prior notice. Please use and represent our brand carefully to avoid any action that may provoke your account to be blocked. 

Your affiliate account will be automatically blocked if we see the following:

1. Excessive explicit content leading to questionable behavior.
2. Post our brand on shady websites
3. Any use of minors without proper documentation and legal consent.

This is not by any means the only reason we may block your account, but a guideline on what to avoid at all costs to avoid your account being banned. 

If your account is banned, you will still get your last cycle of affiliate payment.


Product Sponsorship (Ambassadors)

You do not have to buy products from our platform to perform promotions on social media. 

Preciosa Bracelets gives you full credit for any purchase within 30 days of your account being created. The added credit will be added to your ambassador's account.

Only one product will be allowed to receive full credit. 

Please allow up to 2 days for your account to reflect the credit. You will still need to reach the balance threshold of $60.00 before you can get paid on the next payment cycle.

Commission & Changes (Ambassadors)

We have the right to change your commission without prior notice, and our minimum cap is 10%. Meaning that you may see your commission higher than 10% but never lower. That's our commitment to you.

As an Affiliate, you may use our logo and images as long as you're using them to promote your referral link or promoting our website with your content.

Payments will have a 15-day wait until the customer's funds reach our account. Meaning that if a customer paid with your referral but decided to issue a refund, you won't get credit for the payment.

Approved payments will be paid automatically every 1st of the month via pay pal without bypassing the 15-day grace mark.

To withdraw funds from your ambassador account, you will need to reach the threshold of $60.00. It will be paid via Pay Pal.

Referral Links (Ambassadors)

Shared links have an active tracking of 6 months. This means that whenever a potential customer clicks on your referral link, you get credit if a purchase is made within those 6 months.

This cookie only works as an intermediary to understand if the customer came from you. If the customer clears its cache or cookies, the sale doesn't get attributed to you unless they use the coupon code.

Example of grace period:

The customer paid on October 28, but you get the credit on November 12. The commission will be then paid out on December 1.

If you get 30 customers registered on November 1, you get credit on November 16 and paid in full on December 1. 

This waiting period happens because a customer may issue a refund on a purchase. Once the order is cleared, you get credit.

There's no cap on how much you can earn in a single month.

Platinum Ambassadors

These are considered individuals that have a high conversion rate. If your account reaches more than 250 approved orders per month for five consecutive months, you get a boost of a 5% commission rate on your account.

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