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Velvetti | Women Jewelry | Handmade Bracelet | Front View

Timeless Elegance, Unrivaled Quality 


Imagine a piece of handmade jewelry that exudes timeless elegance, evokes classic sophistication, and shows off a charming style. That’s what you get with this Velvetti Macrame Handmade Bracelet. Crafted with a nylon thread, accentuated by a silver .925 charm, and handmade with love and care, this jaw-dropping Velvetti handmade bracelet is sure to capture the attention of everyone you meet. Plus, It’s completely adjustable, too – from a minimum diameter of 14 cm to a maximum of 24 cm – making it a perfect gift for any occasion. The next time you’re looking for a timeless accessory with unrivaled quality, turn to Velvetti Macrame Handmade Bracelet for a luxurious addition to your jewelry collection.


Things to love about the Velvetti bracelet:


✔ Luxurious Feel: Soft yet sturdy, this terracotta-colored ultra-luxurious Velvetti Macrame jewelry is designed to feel comfortable on your skin. Each bracelet is handmade with love, ensuring quality and attention to detail.


✔ Adjustable and Adaptable: Its adjustable nature makes this bracelet perfect for any occasion or recipient. With a minimum diameter of 14 cm and a maximum of 24 cm, you can customize it to your exact specifications. 


✔ Versatile Style: Showing off charming style, this bracelet is sure to turn heads. From casual to formal, this bracelet can easily transition from day to night. 


✔ Uniquely Handmade: Crafted from soft and luxurious nylon thread, this stylish wristband is delicately adorned with a 925 silver charm for an extra bit of sparkle. Velvetti's Macrame Handmade Bracelet elevates traditional macrame techniques with modern elegance.


✔ Gift Idea: Show your appreciation for those who mean the most with a handmade accessory for any occasion.


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$35.00 Regular Price
$16.94Sale Price
Color: Terracotta
  • Our bracelet is completely adjustable, with a minimum diameter of 14 cm and a maximum of 24 cm. Please make sure your hand can fit through the maximum diameter before buying.

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